Beauty of Comfort

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This web was across the opening of the verandah where I would normally walk.  The spider sat in the middle of it most of the time. I kept reminding myself, 'Don't walk that way'.

Guess what!   I did.   I walked right through the web.  It was panic for a moment while I looked to see if the spider was in what was left of the web. At first I could not see it, but then thankfully, I saw it had run to the corner and was not on me!

Isn't this beautiful?

I am certainly not a spider-lover, but I do love the webs.   Imagine going out at night when the spider's are all out making their webs. Uhhhh!   I am glad I am inside snug in my bed.   I think it is on a clear night, perhaps frosty, that they do it.    I have some more pictures, but need to find them.   I wonder why the spiders all decide to go out on that night???  Does anyone know?   I want to talk about this some more, but need to wait till I find the other photos.  They were taken a very long time ago, so are somewhere in the archives.

Webs are actually quite amazing and very strong.   

If you look along the fence you will see as number of webs. There were lots of them on this morning.   It was wonderful.   There seems to be a certain time when the spiders are all out spinning webs and in the morning, they are all over the place.    I have only seen it three times, once at my home and once down the road here.   Another time was when I was driving and could not stop.

A few more webs

This was one of those mornings when there were spider webs everywhere.

‚ÄčThis web is on my new car, well not brand new, but new to me.     I brush it off, but it keeps coming back.   

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I know some people like spiders and they have no fear of them.   I am not one of those people.   I believe there is a good lesson for us all in this --- certain things or creatures, even people, may be fearful and not nice to us, but if we look for something good in them or relating to them, we can rejoice. The webs are indeed beautiful, intricate and an amazing design.  So let us rejoice in their beauty, but even more in the wonderful God who designed them.

I found this web on an early morning down an unmade road near me.  It was so beautiful, I took lots of different shots of it.   All the pictures of webs following are on that early morning, at least until I tell you they are from somewhere else.

My brother was staying with me and he spotted this web on his early morning walk. I went out the next day and photographed it.    What a beautiful sight in the morning hour.

These ones are unusual.  They were taken at the Calavaras (a giant redwoods forest in California.  If anyone has any idea what spider belongs to these, I would be interested to know.

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This is not a pretty web.  In fact, it is a sign of danger, as it is the web of a redback spider, which is very poisonous.   It is often found in garages, behind pot plants, old boxes and the like.  This one was on my pot plant on the front verandah.   It is three-dimensional with threads all over the place.   I was going to put a picture of the spider, but I don't like spiders and even pictures scare me, so I thought it did not fit in with beauty and comfort! However, it has a very red stripe on its back, so you can't miss it. This is just a warning -- don't touch.   I have lots of lovely web pictures, but have to find them.   This was just an observation.

Even the grass was covered with fine webs that look like gossamer.   So beautiful.  God's design is amazing.