Beauty of Comfort

These are a different variety.

This wattle looked good in the early morning frost.

You see across the way below are many wattles. Unfortunately I could not get close to them, but found other beautiful wattles.

Originally the Australian country-side must have been filled with wild wattles.  Where the bush has been left, they are everywhere.

This is actually a weeping wattle.  There are so many varieties.   It had not seen a weeping one before.

The difference in colour is due to the sun being out or not.

It is hard to choose a favourite, but this is one of them, including the closeups above.    I hope you have enjoyed them with me.

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In this picture you can see hundreds of corellas in the paddock next door.

Below are different varieties.

Isn't it wonderful  how flowers come out regularly each year.   We can usually rely on them, although sometimes the bushes and trees don't know what to do with the weather being so erratic.  My gardenia bush has flowers in December, which is the beginning of summer, but it was cold and it did not flower.   However, it knew it  was supposed to flower, so it produced all the buds and then flowered when later in April and May, just before winter. Not all the buds came out and they are still there, so I guess they will come out next December when they are supposed to flower.   

Jonquils at the park

There are many beautiful wattle trees.   I love them so much and they grow fast.  I would have loved to have filled my paddock with wattles.   I think I will get some anyway.   I have a couple, but I would love lots of them.    Then you can visit me in winter and see them -- well, I guess you all can't, and its too cold, so I will take pictures -- of wattles again!

Driving into town -- they are so beautiful

The wattle on the left is a Cootamundra and on the right a black wattle.   I am not knowledgable in the types of wattles, but the Black wattle flowers later than the other and it came out later.  

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What a lovely time I had driving around here.   Wish you were with me!

The yellow is brilliant when it is in full bloom.  These are all the same variety.  There are over 200 varieties.   I was told today that there is a wattle out every month of the year somewhere in Australia.   Obviously different varieties.

Wow, this looked so lovely, but I could not get closer.

I decided to take a side road the other day while driving home and it was very rewarding.  Below is all I could see while driving in places.  

I know I have another page on wattle, but I just can't resist showing you the beautiful yellow that is all about at the moment.   It is winter and the wattles are either out of coming out.   This one looks just like a lovely long dress as it lies on the ground.   I hope you enjoy them.

Daffodils are out too.

Not the same place, some miles away, and another variety.

Some of these wattles are Black wattles, and some are Cootamundras.  Together they make a beautiful display.   This is my favourite drive at wattle time.

This is a Black wattle.  It comes out later than the Cootamundra, but is just as beautiful.​  The only difference I could see was that the leaves a slightly different, but both are fluffy or feathery.

The special ones and double ones are not out yet.