Beauty of Comfort

I stayed in Oakhurst in 2015, but the government closed down and thus the parks were closed as well.  I drove to the entrance, which is half an hour from Oakhurst, but they would not let me in.   In 2016 I stayed at Merced and caught the Harts bus, which has a regular schedule from the Merced station.

The view is spectacular. There are a few places to walk around where the bus stops, but the view is much the same from every angle.   We had a about two hours there.

The buses are great in the valley, free around the circuit, and you can get on and off when you want to.

It is called Wawona Tunnel view, although I think they have changed the name.   A spectacular view of Yosemite.   Below is the same view in the Winter.  I did not take this picture.

This is Half Dome seen from Glacier Point.   The most well-known is El Capitan, but I need to find my pictures of it.    The view from Glacier Point is wonderful.  I drove to it in 1987, but went by the bus from Yosemite Valley in 2016.   First pictures of the valley.

This is El Capitan.   I walked across the grass to its base and on the way stopped to talk to a young couple who were looking through a telescope at the rock.  

This is the bus to Glacier View.   It is quite a long way, driving up and up. Some places a bit scary in a big bus.

A romantic spot.

One climber at left.

​Three below.

Gradually more and more people stopped.  'There are climbers', they said.  We looked and looked and looked, but it was hard to spot them with the naked eye.   We were allowed to have a look through the telescope and then were supposed to remember the spot, but it took a long while before we could say, 'I see them'.   But see them we did -- good eyesight!

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Five climbers

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To go to Glacier View you must book and pay for the bus, from in the valley itself.

It was time to leave Glacier Point and return to the valley.

When driving to Yosemite from one direction, you go through a tunnel and come out with your first view of Yosemite.  It is a great view and all the buses stop there.  Of course everyone takes pictures.

Can you see five climbers?

Imagine trying to see them on the mountain without the telescope.

Left - Two. Above -one.

The two waterfalls up close.

Note the two pictures below. On the left there are three climbers, but it looks like another one is coming into the picture below the two. However, on the right a third has joined the two, but the hazy one is still there.   I think it is part of the rock formation.  What do you think?

You can drive here, but it is a long drive. I caught a bus from Merced. Oakhurst is a lovely town in the mountains to stay.