Beauty of Comfort

Zion is not readily accessible from the heights.  This is the only place where I walked up the mountain to see these three peaks.   They are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   I would love to have seen the canyon from higher up, but those walks are for the fit!

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If you ever want to drive to Zion, go there from the east, then you can see the amazing variety of Utah along the way.  And if you want to take pictures as you drive through the canyon to the bottom, make sure someone else drives.  It is better to leave your car at the top and take the free shuttle bus to the bottom of the canyon.   In the meantime, imagine the immensity of the rocks, and realise the power of the catastrophic flood that caused it.

This is Zion Canyon, however, it is not from where I saw it, and I did not take this picture.   I do not know who did, but it is truly beautiful.   I saw the canyon from the floor, so it looks different, but still amazing.

And like Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon, it is the result of the deluge that swept over the world 4360 years ago.  Water has incredible power. Many do not realise this, but during a flood, water can wash away concrete like it is cardboard.  Spillways of dams have been destroyed from cavitation, when the water is released too quickly.

But again, the result is such beauty.   Enjoy it.   Allow your mind to bask in the beauties of nature, even from disasters such as the canyons.

There are documentaries that show amazing parts of the canyon, but I have no idea where they are.  Perhaps if you do some research you will find these places, but I was content to go to the bottom of the valley and then drive the lovely road to Mount Carmel where I stayed.

Zion Canyon is a testimony of the power of water, and it is a warning that there will be judgment  on evil.   But not by water.

The bus takes you to the bottom of the canyon and many have a swim in the river.  Others go for hikes.

I don't think I would get tired of looking at this towering masterpiece from my back window.  Would you?

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The road through the canyon is beautiful.   It is this pinky colour and it is smooth and silent driving through it.   Once you leave the canyon, you are back to American roads, which are not the best.    Driving through the canyon is an ascent and it is like this all of the way.

Free buses go into the valley, then you can walk on tracks to wherever you want to go.   You get off the bus at any place your would like to and then get on when you want to.  Excellent.   Below is from the bus.

Most people basically see towering rock walls.  The fit may see the canyon from the heights.